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JAYJUN Intensive Blooming 1 Step Mask

JAYJUN Intensive Blooming 1 Step Mask

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Cherry Blossom Mask for skin that glows brightly like flowers blooming with the vitality of cherry blossom that burst in the early spring. Provide bright vitality and nutrition to dry, dull skin with this freshly moisturizing floral-infused care.

Cerulata Cherry Blossom Extract is full of nutrients with various vitamins and minerals to make the skin clear and bright. The nourishing moisture coating is provided by the ceramide and beta-glucan that creates a water-tight moisture barrier. 

✔ Brighten
✔ Revitalize
✔ Nourish
✔ Moisturize 

✔ Dry Skin
✔ Normal Skin
✔ Oily Skin
✔ Combination Skin
✔ Sensitive Skin


  • When your skin feels dull and dry, use this real cherry blossom vitality care to restore the skin to make it clear and bright with energy like the spring. 



(1) Cerulata Cherry Blossom Extract - rich in vitamins and calcium, helping to manage transparent and bright skin.
(2) Ceramide NP - helps form a protective film on the skin to suppress moisture evaporation and improve moisturizing power. 
(3) Beta Glucan - has skin conditioning and moisturizing effect, helps with antioxidant and soothing care to the skin.
(4) Vita C Complex - contains vitamin C to brighten and improve the skin texture

How to use

After cleansing your face, take out the sheet mask and apply it evenly to the entire face. Remove it after 10-20 minutes, and lightly tap the remaining essence on the skin for absorption.

Rub the pouch 3 to 5 times in a circular motion before use so that the essence can be evenly absorbed into the sheet. 

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