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VT Cosmetics Superhyalon Cream

VT Cosmetics Superhyalon Cream

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Size: 55ml

The moisture capsule cream which cares skin comfortably and vitalizing by delivering clear moisture and fills skin with nutrition from the moiturzing capsules
-Keep moisture in the skin G:H8™ is contained
-Moist radiant skin texture moisture energy up
-Delivers moisture and nutrients to skin at once bluish moisturizing capsule


Butylene Glycol: With conditioning agents that boost soft texture of the skin
Cranberry Extract: Has anti-aging properties for younger-looking skin
Glycerin: Contains moisturizing components that take water into deeper layers of your skin

How to use

1. Take some of it at the last step of skincare in the morning and at night, spread it on the entire face lightly.
2. Make the cream absorbed in the skin by gently covering face with palms.

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