Collection: Mediheal

Leading with 10+ years of experience in mask science, Mediheal is a top-selling mask brand in Korea. Based in Seoul with an international reach, Mediheal was built on the belief that everyone deserves to feel empowered and a chance to discover their full beauty potential. That's why Mediheal mask has become everyone's K-beauty essentials nowadays as every Mediheal face mask is power-packed with the best ingredients and material for every skin type and concern, especially for troubled and acne-prone skin. The innovative, scientific process behind a Mediheal sheet mask proves how well the K-beauty mask brand understands the dermatological complexity of your skin.

Renowned for its collaboration BTS, Mediheal launched the highly coveted line of BTS face masks that have garnered raving reviews all around the world. From natural fibers, hydrogel, and bio-cellulose sheets, Mediheal face mask are honed to complement the formula they carry and seamless heal your skin.

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