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Skin It Real Myanmar

All Natural Houttuyina Cordata Peeling Gel

All Natural Houttuyina Cordata Peeling Gel

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Size : 100ml
  • Mild keratin care with plant-derived cellulose : 100% plant-derived cellulose ingredient extracted from cotton effectively removes unnecessary dead dead skin cells and wastes accumulated on the skin surface.
  • 100,000ppm Eoseongcho Extract : Contains 100,000ppm Eoseongcho extract, which has excellent skin soothing and protective effects.
  • Plant complex for moist and comfortable peeling : Effectively calms sensitive skin with three CALMGREEN ingredients. (Green tea extract, apple mint leaf extract, thyme leaf extract) The four main active ingredients of Centella asiatica provide comfortable and moist skin even after peeling.
  • Soft and moist gomage-type hypoallergenic peeling gel : A gommage-type peeling gel containing a plant-derived complex gently removes unnecessary dead skin cells without worrying about irritation, providing a smooth and moist finish.

How to use

After washing your face, take an appropriate amount in a wet state and spread it evenly over the entire face except around the eyes and lips, then massage gently with your fingers and rinse thoroughly.

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