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Manyo Factory Bioxyl Anti-Hair Loss Treatment

Manyo Factory Bioxyl Anti-Hair Loss Treatment

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Size: 200ml

A healthy scalp and soft hair with the unique ingredient Bioxyl Complex! Clinically proven effect of reducing hair loss (when shampoo & treatment are used simultaneously). With just one us the volume of the root of the crown increases by 34.87%. Reduces the amount of dead skin cells on the scalp by 55.23% with just one use.

BIOXYL Complex: BIOXYL Complex was created by combining Biotin, a vitamin B complex, and 3 types of scalp strengthening ingredients into one. From the scalp to the ends of the hair, ingredients work in every corner to strengthen the scalp and hair.

NON Silicone: A treatment that does not contain silicone and can be used on the scalp as well as the hair.

• Daily high-speed nutrition care with steam pack effect and cooling effect: Water-type treatment is quickly absorbed into the scalp and hair cuticles. When water formula meets water, it delivers nutrition deep into the scalp and hair with a steam pack effect that generates mild heat. The cream creates a coating film to maximize the treatment effect and deliver a cooling sensation to soothe the heat of the scalp.

How to use

1. After shampooing, gently remove moisture and apply directly to the scalp and hair using a pointed tip.

2. If you feel heat while the water formula is changing into a cream, gently massage it for at least 5 seconds.

3. Rinse lightly with lukewarm water. (According to the condition of the hair, leave it for 1-2 minutes or more and then rinse it to feel softer and richer in nutrition.)

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