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VT Cosmetics Cica Reedle Shot Ampouler

VT Cosmetics Cica Reedle Shot Ampouler

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Size: 2ml x 7 packs

Micro-needles containing CICA are absorbed into the skin. Skin boosting with the calming property of CICA & the smooth absorption of active ingredients

Reedle Shot is the brand-new category of skincare. Already 2.9 Million Units are SOLD WORLDWIDE with Numerous Awards!

Benefits: Smoothens and refines skin texture -Help in Decreasing Pore Size -Help in Treating Pustules -Help in Diminishing Acne Scars -Help getting rid of Nasolabial Folds -Hep getting rid of Pigmentation


- Centella asiatica extract + Triple hyaluronic acid + Centella 4X complex + Green propolis extract
- Hydrating & Moisturizing
- AMINO-ACID COMPLEX + Low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid
- Skin hydration, skin barrier protection, moisturizing care, moisture barrier strengthening

How to use

1.REEDLE SHOT is a night care product used in the first step of skincare.
2. The only product that can increase the usage frequency is REEDLE SHOT 100.
3. Even if you have seen improvements after using REEDLE SHOT 300 and 700, please make sure to maintain the respective 3-day and 7-day cycles.

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